“Made in Italy.” The Snaidero brand has always been synonymous with innovation and outstanding design.

The company has a long tradition of partnering with the world’s finest Italian designers, architects, and engineers, such as Ferrari designer Paolo Pininfarina and architect Massimo losa Ghini. All collaborators are leaders in their industries and come from diverse design fields delivering a fresh perspective to the creative process. For this reason, Snaidero is celebrated worldwide as a master of true luxury Italian design and style.

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Green Design

Respect for mankind and nature.

Since its inception, Snaidero has been fully conscious of limiting the affects production and transportation can have on our current and future environment. It has always been our goal to manufacture products with non-toxic materials and low emissions through processes that will limit the impact in our homes and in the world.

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Snaidero successfully fuses art and design with the best technologies of the present and future.

Before the design process begins, an extensive analysis of ergonomics, materials, durability, trends, environmental impact and safety is undertaken to ensure our products will meet the market’s demands and stand the test of time. The results are timeless kitchens created to improve the quality of life.

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10 Yr Warranty

At Snaidero, we believe that you are only as strong as the work you produce. Quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service is paramount to a successful business, therefore all Snaidero cabinetry is built to surpass our impressive 10-year warranty.

Over 75 years of History

The Snaidero Group was founded in 1946 by Rino Snaidero as a family owned and operated business.

Over the years the company has expanded into the leading Italian manufacturer and distributer of fitted kitchens, with a 1.1 million square foot manufacturing plant in Majano Italy, 6 production facilities in Europe, and a distribution network in 80 countries. Snaidero was the first Italian company to embrace the concept of integrated kitchen design. In the late 1970’s, Snaidero made a strategic change in manufacturing to concentrate on the concept of a personalized kitchen environment for a new and more demanding consumer. This idea gave birth to the methodology of designing and manufacturing kitchens tailored to the specific needs of the client, using advanced manufacturing techniques and increasingly sophisticated materials. In time, ownership was passed on to Rino Snaidero’s four children and is now in its third generation with their children taking on roles within the company.

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